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Hip Hop Dance Classes

Ages 16+ and Adults:

Beginners • Fridays at 18:00
Advanced • Fridays at 18:45
Fitness • Wednesdays at 20:15pm and Fridays at 20:15pm


Beginners • Thursdays at 17:15
Advanced • Tuesdays at 17:15
Fitness • Wednesdays at 20:15 and Fridays at 20:15

Kids • Ages 6 to 13:

Beginners • Saturdays at 10:15
Intermediate • Fridays at 17:15
Advanced (10+ yrs) • Tuesdays at 17:15

All classes are 40 minutes in duration

Adults, Teens and Children: R290 per month for 1 class a week, R560 for 2 classes

You can try out a class for just R50

We offer a discount if you sign up for multiple classes
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