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Lyrical Dance Classes

Lyrical Dance is a modern dance form which fuses Modern Dance, Jazz and Ballet. The goal of the dancer is to convey the emotion of a song's lyrics through dance; emotional expression through movement is used to tell a story.

This style if dance is not concerned with a dancer's build. Often, excellent Jazz and Ballet dancers are drawn to the Lyrical style because they lack the traditional dancer's build.

Lyrical dance also often appeals to dancers who are slightly older, because of the greater focus on conveying emotion.

Characteristic of this dance style is flowing moves that connect throughout the dance. The upper body movements are generally quite different from ballet styles, and one often sees body angles unfamiliar to either jazz or ballet.

Lyrical dance also involves the use of props, such as Flags, Ribbons, Tambourines and Wings.

Times and Price

Time: Fridays at 6pm.

Price: R200 per month

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